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Take The Hassle Out Of Managing Inventory, Maintenance & Compliance

IDS offers a unique Asset Lifecycle Management System(ALMS) for Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing (PPE/PPC) assets. Using our tailored end-to-end solution, we can supply, track the history and condition of each individual item, and finally dispose of the items at the end of their useful life. The IDS-ALMS is the only fully integrated system in this country and has become recognised as one of the leading systems anywhere in the world.

The ALMS has three key pillars:

1.The end-to-end business process.

2.The unique IDS decontamination process.

3.The Asset Lifecycle Database.

While we can tailor a program to suit your needs, to deliver optimum benefits ideally each of these pillars will be in place.


End-to-End Business Process

The IDS ALMS is to designed to help organisations overcome the problems and unnecessary expense associated with inflexible supply contracts, which can often lock businesses in for up to 10 years. Some of these problems include inflated lead times, inability to adapt to new innovations and get the latest products, and holding large amounts of stock on hand.

By contrast, our ALMS gives you greater flexibility to get the best products at the best price from a range of suppliers, track your items through their entire life, and keep only the stock you need on hand.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • You establish ONE service agreement with IDS.
  • We use information gathered through our decontamination and service processes to assess the serviceability, design and longevity of your current products.
  • We assist you to develop a performance specification for the new PPE and PPC that you require. This brand neutral document is issued to all suppliers.
  • IDS negotiates with potential suppliers to gather product samples, pricing etc. and we ensure that all products put to you for consideration meet your performance criteria.
  • You select the items that you prefer.
  • These items are added to the customised online catalogue developed specifically for your organisation.
  • IDS buys and warehouses the items.
  • Your staff login to your customised online catalogue and order items as required. Issuance is managed by an allocation management table.
  • After an item is issued, it enters the care and maintenance cycle where it is tracked through its entire lifecycle. The system records every action performed on each item. Learn more about the IDS Asset Lifecycle Database below.


We also offer several payment models all of which are designed to help you achieve a more even distribution of your expenditure.


The IDS Decontamination Process

Our process maintains items in good condition to maximise their useable life as well as ensuring that they are effectively decontaminated. Learn more about our specialised process here.(insert link)


The Asset Lifecycle Database

As an IDS client, you can login to your customised database to:

  • Book a service on your PPE
  • Order more PPE
  • Track items and get updates on where they are in their useful lifecycle
  • Get quotes and other information to help you plan and budget


The system takes care of everything from freight logistics to live financial reports. It can even ensure that your staff members don’t accidentally over-order any items.

We would certainly be happy to give you a full demonstration of our database system. Contact us to arrange an appointment.


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