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About BP Kwinana Refinery

The BP Kwinana refinery, south of Perth in Western Australia, has a refining capacity of around 146KBD making it Australia’s largest oil refinery. The refinery employs around 380 staff and depending upon the level of operations at any given time, up to 300 contractors.


The Challenge

With so many staff and contractors working in a 24hr a day, 365 days a year operation, the maintenance and management of PPE/PPC is a major task. Doing it effectively and efficiently requires a high level of skill and highly specialised systems and procedures.

Prior to engaging IDS, some of the issues BP was experiencing included:

  • Long turnaround times on servicing and repairs
  • Fluctuating staffing levels meant needing to carry excess stock of PPE during lower production periods to avoid shortages during high production periods
  • Decontamination processes that were not completely effective
  • Maintaining up-to-date records for items and knowing their history of contamination incidents, number of washes etc.


The IDS Response

When called upon to provide a solution for BP Kwinana, IDS responded by setting up our Perth facility to service the refinery and other Western Australian clients.

With access to our Asset Lifecycle Management System, BP Kwinana is now able to:

  • Track each individual item of PPE
  • Get onsite and off-site servicing and decontamination
  • Manage stock levels more accurately
  • Know exactly which items are nearing the end of their useful life and can be shed from the system to be replaced with new items when required.
  • Get fast turnaround on repairs*


*It was our work with BP Kwinana which led to IDS securing the Respirex distributorship in Australia after we helped provide a solution to long lead times for parts and repairs.


Our Clients

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